Land Rover Series II

It started out as an investigation into an engine problem and turned into a partial restoration. On closer inspection of the motor, burnt out valves were discovered and after we had removed the cylinder head, compression and oil/paraffin bypass tests confirmed that there was indeed wear in the bores. So I decided that this original and relatively unspoilt ’61 vehicle deserved an injection of  effort and cash. A few weeks later, the rebored block incorporating a reground crank was reunited with the reconditioned, unleaded  head, and the motor, looking glorious in a fresh coat of admiralty grey, was ready for more sterling service. One slight headache was the water pump which was well worn. The correct rebuild kit was unavailable so, with the invaluable help of Steve at Langley Components (Maidenhead), a kit for a later pump was modified and a new impeller machined to fit. Problem solved.

The radiator was reconditioned. It is possible to fit a repro Series III item but for me it just had to be the original with the ‘Serck Radiators Ltd Birmingham’ plate sitting on top. I managed to obtain one of a rapidly dwindling supply of new old stock solex carbs. The original will be rebuilt and stored. The gearbox was found to be in good serviceable order and was subjected to a thorough clean and the clutch was treated to a new kit.

A new fuel tank was purchased. I wanted to have the original repaired but this was simply not a viable proposition, especially in view of the quality and very reasonable cost of the replacement. So, with all the heavy bits removed it was time to inspect the rest of the vehicle…and I shall divulge our findings next time…

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