So here it is, now with new Dunlop RS5s (they were always the favourites!), proper Mark VII wheel spats (actually Mark 8/9 spats modified by George King ‘s excellent team at TVR in Maidenhead).

However, a lot of work has been done since February 2011 – front and rear brakes have been rebuilt with skimmed and repaired drums (one of these had a rather interesting hole in it) relined shoes, new brake pipes and replacement flexis. Front suspension components have been cleaned and repainted, front hubs have been replaced, the anti roll bar brackets have been straightened, the steering box has been overhauled, track rod arms have been replaced and the front stub axles and seals. Shock absorbers front and rear have been replaced and the back axle has been rebuilt with replacement wheel bearings and inner and outer half shaft seals. A universal brake servo has been fitted. Brake and clutch master cylinders have been replaced as has the clutch slave cylinder. Engine mounts have been replaced. The prop shaft has been overhauled with replacement centre bearing and mounts. Fuel pumps have been replaced and rewired and new fuel pipe with an inline filter has been fitted. The carbs have been overhauled. New thermostat and housing has been fitted and the car has been rehosed. The distributor has been overhauled. New HT leads have been fitted. The exhaust manifolds have been replaced and a new full exhaust system has been fitted. Although this isn’t as standard, it makes the car sound absolutely fantastic.

With the car now ready for its first test run, I was beginning to think that an MOT certificate could be a reality. However, on test , there was head gasket failure. Due to the existing head being beyond economic repair a replacement cylinder head has been fitted and the Mark VII is now running well. A big thanks to Marcus and Tom Barclay for just about all of the mechanical work that’s been done. Having recently refurbished another Mark VII, Marcus, if he wasn’t before, is most certainly now an expert on all things Mark VII !!

The car with its fresh MOT certificate will now be driven as often as possible in the coming months to see if any other gremlins surface and then I shall begin thinking about phase two- The Body….

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